Get the Best Supply of Beads in Town

At Yakima Beads Rocks and Candy Emporium, you can find the best beads in town. We have a large collection of different designs to choose from! Our customers from Yakima and Kittitas in WA come in for our wide variety of beads and semi‑precious stones.

Some of the beads you can choose from are buttons, sports beads, and many more. Aside from our wide selection of products, our jewelry and pearls are also very affordable.

Enroll in One of Our Classes

We also value our clients’ creativity, which is why aside from supplying you with the best and beautiful beads, we also offer three types of art classes! By enrolling in our classes, you can learn new techniques and enhance your skills in crafting. Choose the one that interests you the most and come join us today!

  • Beading
  • Lapidary Art
  • Felt Art

Our Rocks and Specimen