Have a Taste of the Best Treats

Aside from beads, rocks, and mineral specimens, our shop also offers products that can satisfy our customers’ sweet tooth. We have sweet delights such as hand-dipped chocolate bananas, imported candies, and ice cream bars covered in chocolate and mixed nuts!

We also have a long-standing list of customers in Yakima, WA coming in weekly, waiting for their turn to purchase our chocolate turtles, button licorice, sugar-free candies, and ice cream bars. Satisfy your sweet cravings with us!

Featuring: Boehm’s Candies

Indulge in one of the most exquisite, richest, and perfect European-style treats. Yakima Beads Rocks and Candy Emporium features Boehm’s Candies! From hand-dipped chocolate truffles, nut clusters, to ooey-gooey chewy caramels, enjoy top-notch quality desserts.

For 75 years, these handcrafted candies have always been part of the Pacific Northwest’s tradition and continues up to this day. Have a taste of Boehm’s Candies! Yakima Beads Rocks and Candy Emporium surely has everything it takes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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